About east side taekwondo instructors

Master Ellis

Master Ellis

Master Ellis

Master Michael Ellis has been practicing the art of taekwondo for 30 years and has been teaching taekwondo and self defense 25 years. He is an 4th dan black belt and continues to train and teach at UBC taekwondo with Master Paul Franco. Master Ellis is a Canadian National competitor and has also competed in International Taekwondo tournaments. In addition to taekwondo, he has trained in boxing and Kung Fu. He coaches his athletes in tournaments hosted in the Lower Mainland and farther afield.

Master Ellis also works as a student support and social worker with the Vancouver School Board. He works with kids one-on-one or in small or large groups and has experience working with kids who have physical or social/emotional challenges. Master Ellis connects with kids on their level, helping them set personal goals and strive towards them.   He is able to gently guide his students while creating an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Personal safety training is an important component of Master Ellis’ instruction, and he incorporates self-defense tactics and strategy into regularly scheduled classes. He also provides personal safety seminars to private groups including school Parent Advisory Committees, teen groups and preteen groups.

Master Ellis collaborates with Master Paul Franco to provide beginner, intermediate and advanced taekwondo instruction at Mount Pleasant Community Centre. He also ran after-school and lunchtime taekwondo programs through the Vancouver School Board from 2003 until 2015. Eastside taekwondo is the culmination of years of taekwondo training and instructing and a desire to share his passion for martial arts and self-defense with the community he loves. In addition to the new Main Street studio, he has also expanded his taekwondo instruction to include a club on Galiano Island.


Maxine - Master Ellis - Tate

Maxine – Master Ellis – Tate

Senior students are encouraged to become peer mentors for lower belt levels or younger kids, and often contribute to class instruction by demonstrating movements and leading exercises. Youth volunteers track their hours as part of their high school volunteer-hours requirement. Currently east side taekwondo is pleased to be hosting two youth volunteers, Maxine – a 12th grade student and black-stripe belt, and Tate – a 11th grade student and black-stripe belt. Both of these youth volunteers lead classes in addition to their regular training.

As students progress through belt levels, they will be called upon to lead segments of their classes as part of their training. This in-class leadership fosters self-confidence, responsibility, and teamwork and is a component of progression through taekwondo belt levels.