Personal Safety Training

Personal Safety and Self Defense Training at Eastside TKD Main Street Vancouver

Personal Safety and Self Defense Training

Master Michael Ellis of EastSide Taekwondo works with private groups of children or adults to help them develop personal safety strategies and learn self defense techniques.  Personal Safety and Self Defense classes are booked as workshop sessions with your group either at East Side Taekwondo or in your work or club space.

Training sessions can be customized for children or adults of age, all fitness levels.

Personal Safety

The peace of mind that comes with true personal and physical security is within your reach, requiring skills that anyone can learn in a short period of time. The path to personal safety begins long before you leave the security of your own home. It begins with a level of awareness and self-reliance that empowers you to operate with confidence in the outside world.  The East Side Taekwondo Personal Safety Training Program is designed to provide you with the skills you need to comfortably manage challenges that can stand in your way.

More than physical self-defense, this unique program gives you the power to manage your environment – giving you the skills to avoid menacing situations, deflect personal threats, and handle direct confrontations powerfully and decisively.  Discussion topics include but are not limited to:

  • how to make observations about your surroundings and identify dangerous situations
  • how to listen to the warnings you’re subconscious is giving and what to do about it
  • how to find your voice and be assertive
  • how to protect your personal space
  • how to respond to a potentially dangerous situation

Self Defense

Self defense is one of the components of personal safety and is an important skill to have in your back pocket when you are physically threatened. Self defense strategies are not the same as martial arts sparring techniques – the goal of self defense is to recover from danger as quickly as possible, while minimizing the engagement (and physical threat) from a threatening person or group.  Physical self defense techniques are demonstrated and practiced throughout the course and include:

  • Understanding the difference between self-defense and sparring
  • Distinguishing between an assailant and a bothersome person
  • Anti-bullying strategies
  • Techniques to get away from an assailant
  • Techniques to get away from multiple assailants

Anyone can Benefit from Personal Safety Knowledge

This powerful, innovative Personal Safety and Self Defense course teaches the fundamentals you need to establish and defend your personal boundaries, providing you with the confidence and skills to avoid, avert and handle potentially menacing situations with authority and peace of mind.

Developed in consultation with the Vancouver Police Department and Community Crime Prevention Associations, this short intensive workshop is ideally suited for professional development programs, community centres, and school programs. Perfect for night workers, government employees, individuals dealing with the public and victims of violence and abuse, these powerful programs can be customized for children or adults of any age.