BC Taekwondo Championship Tournament

BC Taekwondo Championships

Congratulations to BC Taekwondo Championship Competitors!

The BC Taekwondo Championships were hosted at BCIT this year on January 20th.  Five participants represented East side Taekwondo in sparring events. Once again we had a great time at the tournament and are proud of all of our competitors.  Great job team!

Women’s Competition at  BC Taekwondo Championship

eastside taekwondo women at BC Taekwondo ChampionshipOur competitors in the women’s field were Maxine and Alpha. Alpha is working on control and finesse in the ring.  She therefore took a cautious approach to sparring during this tournament, but her competitor quickly capitalized and took control of the match.  Alpha found that she was perhaps too cautious; she was leaving herself open to her competitor’s tactics and was behind in points after the first round.  She had a lot of ground to catch up on during the second round, so the goal was to return to her naturally aggressive sparring instincts and regain control of the match through well placed movement and hits. Her second round was extremely successful but she ran out of time, narrowly loosing the match to take silver in her category.

Women BC Taekwondo ChampionshipMaxine’s tournament goal was to focus on using different techniques; she wanted to take some of the advanced sparring skills she’s been working on at the club into the tournament ring.  She had a bye in the first round so was fighting for the gold medal in her category.  Maxine’s competitive skills are improving all-around; she has developed more stamina in the ring and the new kicks she’s using are hitting their target and working for her.  She had control of her match throughout and walked away with the gold medal.

Men’s Competition at BC Taekwondo Championship

Angelo, Kasper and Ben were competing in the men’s field.  Angelo was matched with a much larger opponent and found himself pushed into the corner at the beginning of the match.  He was trailing after the first round and had to overcome the size difference he was facing.  For the second round he focused on faster movement and offensive (rather than defensive) tactics and had a very successful sparring minute, coming up short of a win and landing himself the silver medal.

Double silver at BC Taekwondo championshipKasper was the sole eastside taekwondo competitor participating in both sparring and poomsae (patterns).  In the poomsae competition he demonstrated a beautiful taegeuk 4 pattern. In sparring he was matched with a competitor who was the same age and belt level as him, which was a much more competitive pairing than last tournament, in which he sparred against an older, higher-belt opponent.  Kasper is showing some definite improvement in the ring.  He won his first match and lost the second.  At the end of the day Kasper had two silver medals; one in poomsae and one in sparring.

Ben was eastside taekwondo’s final competitor.  As a yellow belt, this was Ben’s first tournament and we hoped to find a suitable opponent for a competitive and safe introduction to sparring. This means someone in his age range at roughly the same belt level and physical size. Unfortunately we felt that any potential match-ups had too much risk for injury as one competitor was much bigger than Ben while the other was several belt-levels higher, so the match was declined.  We look forward to Ben competing at the next tournament.

Congratulations again to all of our competitors!  If your’e interested in giving taekwondo a try, or if you’d like to get some extra sparring practice, be sure to get in touch!