Congratulations to the EastSideTKD BC Master’s Team!

Eastside Taekwondo at BC Master's Taekwondo Tournament

BC Master’s Taekwondo Tournament

The W.T.F Taekwondo Federation of British Columbia hosted the 2017 Master’s Cup this year on October 28th at Capilano College.  Four students represented EastSideTKD at the tournament.  Congratulations to Maxine, Alpha, Kasper and Angelo on their success at the competition! Taekwondo tournaments test an athlete’s mental and physical preparation and these kids were up for the challenge.

Our athletes prepared for the tournament through their regular training at EastSideTKD along with extra sparring-training sessions each week.  Tournament sparring matches are only two minutes long (two one-minute rounds) so competitors need to step into the ring completely warm, focused, and ready to take control.  Their best foot must come flying forward, and they need to be ready for anything that comes their way in return.  Sparring matches are extremely high intensity, so cardiovascular fitness is key, along with the ability to think strategically while completely exhausted.

Kasper (green belt) competed against a division of more experienced kids so his was an uphill battle from the start. He fought with determination and energy and landed himself double bronze in both sparring and Poomsae (Poomse). Angelo (blue belt) had a tough first round sparring match and competed well but didn’t move forward to next rounds.

Maxine (red belt) and Alpha (red belt) both won their first matches to take each of them to their respective gold metal rounds. As these young women are only a year apart, there was a small possibility that they would be competing in the same division, so we were thankful there were enough competitors to put them in separate categories to develop experience with a variety of unknown fighters (instead of known competition from the same studio!)

While Maxine’s preliminary match was a convincing win, the gold metal fight was a more evenly-matched competition which was tied at the end of the second round, bringing the athletes to a sudden-death third round. Maxine stuck to her game plan and was able to connect for the win, taking her to the podium for a gold medal.

Alpha brought all of her speed and strength to her matches and came out flying at her competitors for the gold medal win in her category.  Throughout her matches she demonstrated incredible intensity, putting pressure on her opponents at all times.

Eastside Taekwondo is extremely proud of our four competitors and we look forward to continued success in upcoming tournaments.  Over the coming months we’ll be working on high-intensity controlled targeting, pushing ourselves to try new skills in the ring, and channeling energy for quick, strategic attack and defense.  Again, congratulations to all of our competitors on a successful Taekwondo tournament!