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Taekwondo for Children – weekly Class Schedule
eastside taekwondo kids stretching
kids gearing up for class

taekwondo classes for children are offered every weekday after school. Classes start at 3:15 every day except Wednesday, with first class start time of 4pm. We do not have set class terms; enrollment is ongoing and new students are welcome to join anytime. Please call for availability and enrollment.

Fit Kids

Ideal for: Primary aged children from Kindergarten to Grade 4
kids taekwondo practicing side kick

Geared towards young kids who need some movement after the long school day. This 30 minute, short format class is ideal for kids who are new to martial arts. The emphasis is on fitness and fun, with basic introduction to taekwondo concepts and movement. This is a recreation-oriented class that is perfect to help kids ‘get the wiggles out’.

Offered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3:15-3:45 (30 minutes)

Little Kicks

Ideal for: Kids 10 years and up who have little to no prior martial arts experience
eastside taekwondo yellow stripe kicking practice

This class is for kids who are comfortable with basic fitness and are interested in growing their martial arts skills. We introduce and develop taekwondo concepts while progressing toward earning taekwondo belts. Techniques include blocking, kicking and punching, both as a stationary exercise with a kick pad or in space, and as part of taekwondo Poomsae or patterns.

Offered every weekday, Monday to Friday from 4:00-5:00 (1 hour)

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east side taekwondo strives to help students develop strength, confidence and discipline through the art, sport, and philosophy of taekwondo. Start your child’s martial arts journey today – call us to book a trial class!