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Our two kids have been taking taekwondo with Master Ellis for over 7 years now, alongside other sports and activities.  Master Ellis’s program is great because the kids can decide how intense they want to be about the sport without any pressure to abandon other interests.  Master Ellis has a unique combination of patience, respectfulness and mastery that keeps all kids engaged in his classes regardless of ability. The sport looked like so much fun from the sidelines that my husband and I have started taking classes too. Keri

Our family of four look forward to our weekly class which combines intense workouts, taekwando techniques, and self-defense skills. We always work really hard to push ourselves, but especially enjoy Mike’s great sense of humour, patience and willingness to stretch himself too! – Fiona

Training with Mr. Ellis has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  I’ve never heard anything but support and encouragement from him.  He inspires all of his students to work hard and put their best foot forward, and he has played a major role in me becoming the person I am today. – Tate, 14 yrs, red belt.

I have fun going & never miss a class since I’m working towards a higher belt. Mr Ellis makes it fun & really pushes me.Gavin, 14 yrs.

I go to get in shape & improve myself for football. Mr. Ellis makes me sweat ! Cameron, 12yrs.

I’ve been doing Taekwondo for 5 years. I am a green stripe belt. Mr. Ellis is a really awesome teacher because he makes everything super fun! My favourite thing to do is spar with Mr. Ellis because he’s really good! Taekwondo is AWESOME! – Carolyn, 11 yrs, green-stripe belt

My kids (ages 11 and 13) have taken taekwondo with Mike Ellis for over 6 years. I have watched many of the classes and Mike is wonderful with the kids – fun, caring, loud and funny and he always makes every child feel special and confident. The kids adore him. Mike teaches respect and discipline while always making it fun. One of the things I also appreciated was the personal safety training he incorporated into his program. It was fantastic to watch him teach the kids what to do if they found themselves in a sticky situation with a stranger. They were encouraged to scream, bite, kick… anything to be noticed and to get away. He would tell them to scream and they were so LOUD most of us watching would have to plug our ears! The kids got so good at this that I wonder if Mike could still hear after class, however he always sacrificed his own ear drums for the sake of the kids learning. The program is amazing and I would recommend Mike’s classes to everyone.  -Alexa, TKD mom

I trained for 5 years and I am a blue belt. I remember one time at a Taekwondo tournament, I was losing one point to my opponent and Mr. Ellis pulled me aside and gave some great tips and I won the match! Doing Taekwondo with Mr. Ellis has taught me self defense, how to be street smart and great life skills! -Dylan, 13 yrs, blue belt

Mr. Ellis doesn’t just teach us about Taekwondo – he teaches us how to be better people.Oscar, 12 yrs, blue belt

 I can’t say enough about Master Ellis at Eastside Tae Kwon Do on Main Street.  Great guy.