master instructor

taekwondo coaching in Vancouver BC with Master Ellis

Master Michael Ellis has been teaching the art of taekwondo and self defense for 30 years.   He established east side taekwondo in 2015 after many years of teaching martial arts classes in commmunity centres and through after-school programs. He is an 5th Dan black belt and has competed in national and international tournaments.

Master Ellis teaches all levels and abilities; from young children through to adults, and from beginners to advanced black belt students. He tailors classes to meet the individual ability and preferences of each student. Master Ellis also provides sparring training for those interested in competition taekwondo.

Personal safety training is an important component of Master Ellis’ instruction, and he incorporates self-defense tactics and strategy into regularly scheduled classes. He also provides personal safety seminars to private groups including school Parent Advisory Committees, teen groups and preteen groups.

Master Ellis worked as a student support and social worker with the Vancouver School Board for over 20 years. He has worked with kids one-on-one or in small or large groups and has experience working with kids who have physical or social/emotional challenges. He connects with kids on their level, helping them set personal goals and strive towards them.   He is able to gently guide his students while creating an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Outside of east side taekwondo, Master Ellis continues to provide beginner, intermediate and advanced taekwondo instruction at the Mount Pleasant Taekwondo Club in Mount Pleasant Community Centre. Eastside taekwondo is the culmination of many years of taekwondo training and instructing and a desire to share his passion for martial arts and self-defense with the community he loves.

Master Ellis at Mount Pleasant Taekwondo