taekwondo classes

classes for children, youth, adults, families

east side taekwondo classes are open to anyone, at any age or fitness level.  Our small class sizes create an atmosphere of encouragement and teamwork.  Instruction is based primarily upon World Taekwondo Federation teaching, with influence from International Taekwondo Federation and mixed martial arts. 

Classes focus on three key areas of instruction:

  • Taekwondo patterns or Poomsae, as prescribed by World Taekwondo Federation.  Students progress through Poomsae patterns as part of advancement through taekwondo belt levels. 
  • Competitive sparring according to World Taekwondo Federation Rules.  Sparring techniques include kicks, blocks, punches.  These movements are practiced in class as repetition in space or with kick pads.  Sparring against an opponent is not a requirement for participation
  • Self defense techniques, including strategies for detecting and escaping dangerous situations

Taekwondo is a physically demanding sport, so fitness training is a key component of each class.  We work to strengthen and condition the core and limbs while building cardiovascular stamina. 

Little Kicks Taekwondo Class

Our typical class program includes:

  • Dynamic Warm up 
  • Core work out
  • Upper body and/or lower body workout
  • Taekwondo movements – blocks, punches, kicks
  • Sparring, patterns, or self-defence
  • Games

Classes are offered for children, teens, adults and families. Content will vary depending on fitness and skill levels of the group.  Participants are encouraged to bring a water bottle and to wear comfortable workout clothing or a Taekwondo uniform.