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4:00-5:00pmAdult fitness
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Taekwondo for Adults – weekly Class Schedule

Taekwondo classes for adults run every weekday from 6:30-7:30 pm. No prior experience is necessary – we welcome all fitness levels and abilities! Whether you’re starting out, coming back to taekwondo after a hiatus, or train regularly, we’d love to have you join us. We do not have set class terms; enrollment is ongoing and new students are welcome to join anytime. Please call for availability and enrollment.

beginner to advanced taekwondo for adults

Adult Taekwondo: Offered weekdays, Monday to Friday from 6:30-7:30 (1 hour)

Adult class content varies by day; we’ll work with you to find a class that suits your schedule, interests, and abilities. Class content is dynamic and tailored to the attending participants.

  • Monday adult only (16+): introductory class for students who are new to taekwondo
  • Tuesday fitness: stay in shape with a great workout to augment taekwondo classes or just to keep fit
  • Tuesday adult only (16+): participants have some experience with high intensity sport and/or are familiar with taekwondo
  • Wednesdays adult only (16+) all levels: improve taekwondo skills (blocking, punching, kicking) and work on taekwondo patterns for progression through belt levels
  • Thursdays adult/youth – Boxing and Self Defense: this class isn’t taekwondo specific. It introduces mixed martial arts through boxing, using a heavy-bag and boxing gloves. This is a high intensity class. The studio has limited numbers of boxing gloves for use, or bring your own.
  • Fridays adult/youth – Competition Training: this is a high intensity class designed to build on fitness and skills required for competition sparring.

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east side taekwondo strives to help students develop strength, confidence and discipline through the art, sport, and philosophy of taekwondo. Start your martial arts journey today – call us to book a trial class!